The original Joe’s Pizza shipped for the first time ever nationwide.

What Does Every Food Explorer Want for Christmas? Looks Like Goldbely is Bringing it To Your Door!

Once upon a time (not very long ago), we shipped you some incredibly delicious, cult-following-worthy goodies like Dominique Ansel’s coveted Cronut™, Momofuku Milk Bar’s addicting Crack Pie™ and Keizo Shimamoto’s outlandish Ramen Burger. Today, we’re offering you a shot at a taste of the definitive New York slice from Joe’s Pizza located in the heart of the Village! This perfect pie was first introduced to New York tastebuds in 1975 thanks to the pizza-whisperer himself, Joe Pozzuoli. Little did he know that his baller pizza crafting skillz straight outta Naples would take the highly competitive New York pizza scene by storm.

At Goldbely, we live for finds like this! Our mission is to scour the universe for the most unique and delicious handmade foods, usually only accessible to a local few and make them available nationwide. Sometimes we’re able to offer these delicious finds all year round, other times just seasonally. However, there are those rare hard-to-find goodies that, in order to keep to their high standards, we can only offer for a very limited time. This is one of those cases.

We’ve been working closely with Joe for more than one full year to develop the right method to ship these pies to food explorers nationwide. We’ve poked, prodded, tweaked and gained many a pound — all for the sake of PIZZA to ensure that the slice you taste at home is the same as the one you’d get in New York, minus the subway rumbling underneath and bumping bodies with a dozen strangers in their tiny shop. For that, we are beyond excited to offer to you this unique opportunity. Now, onto the pizza!